Why hire a copywriter for your business’s text when you can write it yourself?

A professional business copywriter sees your business, project, and text with fresh eyes, using skill and experience to hone and clarify your message.

I’ll work closely with you to learn about your brand, your goals, and your business. Then I’ll get to work creating original, tailor-made copy, keeping in touch with you during the whole process until the project is completed.

Web Copywriting:

Each visitor to your site has a need, and it’s your website’s job to communicate why your business should be the one to fill it.

I’ll draft, edit, and polish your new web copy (with SEO in mind) until you can see your reflection in it.


Every newsletter, advertisement, catalog, and marketing piece is an opportunity for your business to build its brand and client list.  Clearly branded copy, written with your target audience in mind, makes the most of your message and investment.

My experience in marketing, writing, and as an entrepreneur helps me provide a unique perspective through a clear understanding of small business.


Blog posts, website text, newsletters, e-books…you’ve written your text, but need help tightening and clarifying.  I can help with any copy-editing project, no matter how small.