How Much Does Ghostblogging Cost?

So, how does pricing for  ghostblogging or ghostposting work?

It varies. Not the straight answer you were hoping for, I’m sure! But, if you’ve come across this post, I can guess you’re weighing the pros and cons of hiring a ghostblogger for your business’s blog.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of!

It doesn’t mean you can’t write well.

Or that you’re lazy.


It’s because you’re too busy running a business, doing your job, and don’t have a person on staff that can be effective in their own position and keep up with your business’s blog.

Though you want to keep in touch with your customers, build your brand, spread the news, and use content to help with rankings and SEO, there’s zero chance you plan to hire someone full time for that. Unemployment, health benefits, paid time off, and such? That’s what a freelancer is for!

My hero, WordGirl!

Blogging isn’t just creating regular, fresh content. It also involves using targeted key words, uploading and tagging images, crafting titles and anchor links, responding to comments, and myriad other small blog management tasks.

A good portion of what I call ghostblogging can take anywhere from 1-4 hours (or more) per post. So, charging by the hour seems the fairest way to manage things.

Before diving into any project, though, we chat. On the phone. Or by Skype. Talking not only helps me to get to know you and better identify your blog’s voice, it goes a long way towards discovering what meeting your needs will require. Most of the time, we arrive at a basic number of hours per month. Using that as a guide, I am able to quote an average monthly fee that’s kinda like buying at Costco. The more hours you contract per month, the better deal you get.

Or you can simply pay hourly by task and not commit to anything more than that.

To learn what it costs to work with me for ghostblogging, editing content, or blog management, don’t be shy – send me an email!!

Ghostblogging: Wedding Dress History

Josephine BonaparteWhat I’m about to tell you is classified, so don’t spread it around, OK?

I’m a history geek. Countless hours spent watching the History Channel and following my nose at the library means that if I ever find myself on Jeopardy, the other contestants better look out!

When sourcing topics for ghostblogging clients, my geekiness comes in handy. For Lea-Ann Belter Bridal’s blog, I recently indulged my inner history buff and wrote a few blog posts on the history of wedding dresses. Researching the history of the Empire gown, which can be traced to Marie Antoinette and even before her to ancient Greece, was particularly interesting.