Brand Writing Client {Stella & Moscha}

Working with small businesses is one of the most rewarding things about being a freelance copy and brand writer. I love meeting with a new client, reviewing their briefing and coming up with just the right words to convey what they’re about.

When I’m elbow deep into a text project and on a roll – when the words just flow and I’m so excited to share what I’ve written – is almost better than galloping on my horse.

Almost. I’ll admit I like being out in the sun with the wind in my hair!

Anyway, I had that feeling often while working with Santorini and Greek Island wedding planners Stella & Moscha, especially when I wrote the text for “Our Story.”

Below is part of that text that had me smiling as I typed, and you can read the rest here.  (PS – Killer graphic and web design by Atelier Giselle!)

Catalogue Copywriting Client {Luxury Stationery}

I love it when I’m asked to get creative for a client’s project. In this case, a luxury letterpress stationer requested two sample entries for their online catalogue that told a fun story and expressed the personality of their brand.

After learning about their customer and discussing details such as style, voice and language, I got to work. While writing, I also needed to include key information for their clients as well as a few SEO terms.

Below are the results (which I had a great time writing and they really liked!):

stationery text one

stationery text one

stationery text 2

stationery text 2

Whether or not this prospective client chooses to move all their text in this direction, I was glad for the chance to get a little sassy with catalogue copy.

If you’d like to talk to me about your brand, copy, or ghost-writing needs, drop me a note!

Copywriting: Engage 2010

Engage 2010 Astrid Mueller Exclusive Swag Bag Gift

A conference geared toward luxury wedding industry professionals, Engage is held at a variety of warm, exotic locations like the Cayman Islands and Encore in Las Vegas so attendees and speakers can learn, network, and relax in style.

The Breakers Resort in sumptuous Palm Beach was the site in October 2010, and one of my clients, Astrid Mueller, was invited to create a gift to be included in Engage swag bags.

Astrid’s concept was a love note attendees could personalize with their own handwritten note and mail from the conference.  Astrid, an accomplished graphic designer, specializes in personalized figurative wedding illustrations, so whatever text I created had to be just as romantic as her work!